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Wszystko na temat konwerterów do odbioru pasma X [7.25-7.75 GHz]
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Pasmo X


Post autor: sato » 11 sty 2020, 21:38

I guess, it is the right time to start this topic also on this forum as X band is slowly being discovered by more and more satellite enthusiasts across Europe.
What I have to say is the fact, that this band ain`t easy to get mostly `cause the price of the hardware needed.
Peon has access to the pro grade parts from 01/2014, but he mostly focuses on Ku and C band reception. He takes X band very easy and those pro grade parts in his drawer do not make him excited at all even most of us wouldn`t sleep 1 night to try it. But this is what a real professional does. Keeps calm and improves his gear to be used when time comes. :boxing:
I must say, he is as calm as it gets, but I do know for sure that he will start fishing sooner or later. :fishing:

There are DXers such as Feedsat, s-band, femi or Triker we collaborate and exchange our know-how with, to make this band more clearer and available to others enthusiasts. I hope, that sooner or later somebody from Poland will join us!
But for now, I`d like to show you parts you`ll need to get signals from this band, where military communication and circular polarization is used.

X band by General
X band by General Dynamics
(132.13 KiB) Pobrany 67 razy
X band
X band satellites 1
(4.91 MiB) Pobrany 57 razy
X band satellites
X band satellites 2
(5.34 MiB) Pobrany 57 razy

Size of X band LNB to other ones
WR size of different bands (C, X, Ku & Ka)
Norsat X1000HAF vs Hughes HN9200
2 Pro grade X band units (1x offset, 1x PF setup)
X band unit lenght.jpg
X band unit lenght
X band offset feedhorn by General Dynamics
Polariser by General Dynamics, model 110098-02 (price ca. 697,- USD).
X band LNBs & OMTs
OMT by General Dynamics, model 110091-1 (price ca. 820,- USD)
OMT 110091-1 closer look
X band Prime Focus feedhorn designed & machined by Peon
Machining of X band feedhorn - 1
Machining of X band feedhorn - 2
PF feedhorn parts
PF feedhorn parts assembly
X band  setups.jpg
An adapter that will be used to attach 1 PF feedhorn to OMT for linear signals or polarizer for circular ones. The polarizer has different diameters of waveguide on each side....

Be independent and your TV screen will never be the same.


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